"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear"

George Orwell


Sweden is turning into a society of informants

In 1990, there were 44 allegations in Sweden of a violation of “persecution against minorities”. In 2018, that figure had risen to 2508.  An increase that is beyond exorbitant, and which, directly viewed, reveals that Sweden has developed into a society of informants – people who point accusing fingers at their fellow citizens, which in itself is appalling, as such denouncements of ones fellows are one of the most important building blocks in totalitarian societies.

Jagärhär - Sweden´s powerful network to eliminate politically incorrect views on the internet.

According to Mina Dennerts, the most used and simple way to instruct group members on what to do is this brief instruction: “Do you have a hateful person among your Facebook friends? Follow the articles they share on the media channel's Facebook page. There you often find an incredible amount of simmering hatred. ”

The Minister of Social Affairs defends Social Security's misuse of power, and attacks freedom of expression by making threats the responsibility of the victim

In one sentence, the Minister endorses Social Services misuse of power, squashes freedom of speech, and declares its failure to protect that most basic of rights, freedom of speech. She also makes threats made to the victim, the victim’s problem and responsibility. 

The Facebok test


Variants of the “The Bullies’ Prerogative”

The bullies’ prerogative works, and political opponents of the opinions and speech of other political opponents are able to take advantage of this tactic in order to suppress utterances they dislike.  

Are the universities more afraid of the students than of being shamed in the media?

However, the worst is not the institute's disproportionate focus on including cis, trans and LGBTQ people of all kinds.  It is the sad fact that they, who should be the country's top researchers and educators, continue to appear MORE intimidated by the students and their willingness to take offense than they are afraid to be shamed by adults in the media and on social platforms.

Tommy Robinson again in prison

The British authorities' brutal enforcement of press- and reporting bans in grooming cases appears more politically motivated than justified by considerations of justice and legality.

Justice by Twitter

We know it ad nauseum: Anyone who speaks against the cultural radical agenda, must be cowed. All tricks may be – and are - used. Especially misquoting.

Panodrama: Fake news, media power abuse and democratic breakdown

So, here we have one of Western Europe's most prestigious mainstream media - effectively revealed as a fraudulent producer of fake news. The sharp contrast between the scale of the Panorama scandal and the unanimous silence of the mainstream media, however, cries out to heaven.

The government wants to restrict freedom of expression on the basis of undocumented threats

Collage. Fotos: Steen Brogaard

If the government wants to illustrate the Russian threat, then it is doing an exceptionally poor job of it, and it is very worrying that all of the examples that will now serve to justify such a massive restriction on Danish freedom of speech, cannot stand the rigors of a fact check.

2018 was a bad year for freedom of expression in Denmark

The Global Conduct for Safe Migration Act is an attack of free speech and freedom of the press

The Sappho Award 2018

Jailing Tommy Robinson is a Direct Assault on Freedom of Expression

Je suis...