"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear"

George Orwell


The Sappho Award 2019 - Tommy Robinson's speech

On January 18th 2020, Tommy Robinson was awarded the Sappho Award by The Free Press Society (Trykkefrihedsselskabet af 2004) in Landstingssalen at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Aia Fog's speech at the 2019 Sappho Award to Tommy Robinson, Saturday, January 18, 2020

...democracy and free speech is the very foundation underpinning all of Tommy Robinson's work.  He fights for democracy in a free and open English society. The kind of society under which he grew up, but which is now under intense pressure and threat of eroding altogether.

What have we learned from the Charlie Hebdo massacre?

If the Charlie Hebdo massacre has shown us anything, then it is quite clear that today it is obvious to all that we have not defended our external borders against Islam in a timely manner, and are therefore relegated to erecting hideous barricades in the heart of our community in a poor attempt to mitigate the worst consequences of a new terrorist attack.

French writers are punished for describing current developments

The French authorities are trying to limit the inconvenient utterances of Islam critics by increasingly suing them. Several anti-racist organizations have also sued. The lawsuits are resource intensive for the defendant, no matter the outcome of the lawsuit.

The subpoenas have hit Pierre Cassen, Georges Bensoussan, Renaud Camus and Eric Zemmour, among others.

It is time for Danish Jews to change strategy

It is deeply embarrassing that we in Denmark don’t place more attention to the problem of the increasing hatred of Jews. Admittedly, everyone takes distance from actions like Saturday's harassment and vandalism, but as always, it is ad hoc and new attacks on Danish Jews is very rarely put into the larger and underlying context where it belongs.

The nasty stench of Stasi and police state

When have we previously (excluding the censorship of the WWII occupation) risked violent arrests and the intervention in our peace and freedom of speech? When has speech been criminalized to such an extent that the police show up at the residence of peaceful people and frighten the living daylights out of them? Or when have pillars of the community, kind people who have the largesse to take the children of others to their bosom and into their family while also participating actively in the public debate – been threatened to silence by the authorities?

Canada´s prime minister puts political correctness before freedom of speech

The plan is to regulate content on the internet by giving social media sites a tight deadline of only 24 hours to “remove illegal content including hate speech” – or end up paying “significant financial penalties.”

Sweden is turning into a society of informants

In 1990, there were 44 allegations in Sweden of a violation of “persecution against minorities”. In 2018, that figure had risen to 2508.  An increase that is beyond exorbitant, and which, directly viewed, reveals that Sweden has developed into a society of informants – people who point accusing fingers at their fellow citizens, which in itself is appalling, as such denouncements of ones fellows are one of the most important building blocks in totalitarian societies.

Jagärhär - Sweden´s powerful network to eliminate politically incorrect views on the internet.

According to Mina Dennerts, the most used and simple way to instruct group members on what to do is this brief instruction: “Do you have a hateful person among your Facebook friends? Follow the articles they share on the media channel's Facebook page. There you often find an incredible amount of simmering hatred. ”

The Minister of Social Affairs defends Social Security's misuse of power, and attacks freedom of expression by making threats the responsibility of the victim

In one sentence, the Minister endorses Social Services misuse of power, squashes freedom of speech, and declares its failure to protect that most basic of rights, freedom of speech. She also makes threats made to the victim, the victim’s problem and responsibility. 

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