"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear"

George Orwell


The power of the tech giants over us and our freedom of speech is far greater than that of the state

The power of the tech giants over us and our lives today far exceeds the power of the state: they decide de facto what we must hear, what we must say, what is truth and what is a lie, what is to be promoted and who, and what, may be criticized.

Denmark yet again bows its neck to Communist China

One would think that the Danish government would loudly protest against Communist China's attack on Hong Kong citizens' democratic rights, and go to the breech for the region's brave and peaceful pro-democracy movement - but nothing could be further from the “mind” of the Danish government: one does not want to go up against the Chinese regime.  So little so, that they haven’t even wanted to meet Ted Hui out of fear of provoking China.

It is important that we protest loudly every time we are censored by the tech giants

Soon, it will be social media and social media alone that, despite the Constitution, defines what is desired and what is undesired attitudes/content and utterances based on their unpredictable and often secret criteria. There are no legislators or practitioners who have yet seriously challenged their power. Therefore, we must keep protesting loudly when the tech giants violate our constitutional right to speak out without being censored.

How militarized and guarded can a civil society be and still be called a democracy?

It has never been part of a free and open democracy that its citizens cannot move freely and that certain sections of the population must be protected from the violent attacks of other groups, and that central institutions must be guarded. It has never been a viable recipe for a well-functioning democracy

Aia Fog´s speech at the 2020 Sappho Award to Gunnar Sandelin, Saturday September 19, 2020

"With your quiet perseverance and insistence on spreading awareness of developments in Sweden, you have just shown the fearlessness and uncompromisingness that makes you an obvious recipient of the Sapphop Prize, and we look forward to presenting you with the award today..."

(photo: Steen Raaschou)

Interview med Gunnar Sandelin

On September 20th - the day after being presented the Sappho Award 2020 - Gunnar Sandelin gave this interview to Aia Fog, Chairman of The Free Press Society.

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) restricts freedom of expression

The ECRI monitors the 47 European Council of Europe member states, and publishes reports with recommendations on what each country should do to combat racism and discrimination. The ECRI does not have a popular mandate, and their influence leads to restrictions on freedom of expression.


Why will the Jewish community not participate in our debate on anti-Semitism in Denmark?

It is odd that the Jewish Society, which has obviously put a lot of work into documenting abuses against Danish Jews, refuses to come and talk about the problems, when we in the FPS reacts to the information by arranging a public debate on anti-Semitism in the hope of shining a light on the issue.

Identity policy is becoming increasingly totalitarian – and now it is affecting their own

The powefuld, left-wing editor and journalist Ezra Klein´s tweet, and the open letter of 100 liberal writer to Harper´s Magazine, illustrate that identity politics has now become so totalitarian that it also affects its own followers

the extreme identity politics of today threatens freedom of expression

The question is why do strong forces in politics, in tech giants and in the state-paid media at home relate to a racist, leftist and revolutionary organization like Black Lives Matter in Denmark with opinions that range between uncritical reverence to direct and active support?

The surreal spectacle of “taking the knee” for Black Lives Matter

YouTube censorship - But why?

Is Hungary's Corona-law really a greater democratic travesty than the same in other countries?

The Unity Party's Shield and Sword?

It is striking that no Western politician responds when China's government commends itself for its efforts against coronavirus

Tommy Robinson reported for violence by the man who sexually abused his 8-year-old daughter in the water park

Does Free Speech Union give hope for freedom of expression in England - or is it just an elitist project?

Youtube and the Guardian Council - a new intervention in freedom of speech

With the award of the Sappho Award, Tommy Robinson, the Free Press Society is once again positioning itself exactly where we should be

Of course, Tommy Robinson should have the Sappho Award…

The Sappho Award 2019 - Tommy Robinson's speech

Aia Fog's speech at the 2019 Sappho Award to Tommy Robinson, Saturday, January 18, 2020

What have we learned from the Charlie Hebdo massacre?

French writers are punished for describing current developments

It is time for Danish Jews to change strategy

The nasty stench of Stasi and police state

Canada´s prime minister puts political correctness before freedom of speech

Sweden is turning into a society of informants

Jagärhär - Sweden´s powerful network to eliminate politically incorrect views on the internet.

The Minister of Social Affairs defends Social Security's misuse of power, and attacks freedom of expression by making threats the responsibility of the victim