"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear"

George Orwell


The surreal spectacle of “taking the knee” for Black Lives Matter

The absurd act of taking a knee for BLM and their attack on the rule of law is a blow to all decent people – not least the black part of the population: they must suffer the indignity of not being measured by the same parameters as everyone else because apparently, the same demands of decency cannot be asked of them - solely because of their complexion.

YouTube censorship - But why?

Again YouTube's censorship hammer drops heavily on Tommy Robinson.  

Is Hungary's Corona-law really a greater democratic travesty than the same in other countries?

One can hardly fail to notice that the criticism of Hungary is anything but politically tinted, because we, in Denmark, to a large extent, do the same thing as the Orban government does in Hungary:  suspending the freedom of assembly, and the attack on the inviolability of the home.

The Unity Party's Shield and Sword?

Is the German intelligence service's recent intervention against the AfD a politically motivated criminalization of Germany's leading democratic opposition party? In favor of the old parties in power in the country's "big coalition", who are losing votes to this party in particular?

It is striking that no Western politician responds when China's government commends itself for its efforts against coronavirus

Last week, China's official news agency thus issued a message that was not just a total neglect of the dictatorship's responsibility for the fatal consequences of the coronavirus worldwide - it was a definite tribute to the totalitarian regime's handling of the epidemic.

Tommy Robinson reported for violence by the man who sexually abused his 8-year-old daughter in the water park

The litigation so far is a depressing example of the feminized perversion of the rule of law, which considers it more important to punish a father for giving a man who molests a child a knocking about, than it wants to prevent a child molester from walking about to abuse other children, which Robinson's daughter's abuser can do until he is to testify as the wronged party in court in the case against Tommy Robinson on April 2.

Does Free Speech Union give hope for freedom of expression in England - or is it just an elitist project?

It reflects a very odd approach to the issue of freedom of speech to make it an exclusive concern for the so-called elite - even if this "intellectual" elite lives by "communicating ideas"

Youtube and the Guardian Council - a new intervention in freedom of speech

...who are these "somebodies" who, based on political motives, and on the basis of subjective reluctance now sit and have the power to decide on tech giants’ censorship policy? Who and what groups have now been given the political power to autocratically restrict the democratic public and the content of the political debate on social media?

With the award of the Sappho Award, Tommy Robinson, the Free Press Society is once again positioning itself exactly where we should be


With the award of the Sappho Award, Tommy Robinson, the Free Press Society is once again positioning itself exactly where we should be: On the front line of freedom of expression. And this is where we have placed ourselves each time we have awarded the Sappho Prize.

Of course, Tommy Robinson should have the Sappho Award…

… For if awards are to be of any relevance at all, they must be given to those who deserve them!

The Sappho Award 2019 - Tommy Robinson's speech

Aia Fog's speech at the 2019 Sappho Award to Tommy Robinson, Saturday, January 18, 2020

What have we learned from the Charlie Hebdo massacre?

French writers are punished for describing current developments

It is time for Danish Jews to change strategy

The nasty stench of Stasi and police state

Canada´s prime minister puts political correctness before freedom of speech

Sweden is turning into a society of informants

Jagärhär - Sweden´s powerful network to eliminate politically incorrect views on the internet.

The Minister of Social Affairs defends Social Security's misuse of power, and attacks freedom of expression by making threats the responsibility of the victim

The Facebok test

Variants of the “The Bullies’ Prerogative”

Are the universities more afraid of the students than of being shamed in the media?

Tommy Robinson again in prison

Justice by Twitter

Panodrama: Fake news, media power abuse and democratic breakdown

The government wants to restrict freedom of expression on the basis of undocumented threats

2018 was a bad year for freedom of expression in Denmark

The Global Conduct for Safe Migration Act is an attack of free speech and freedom of the press

The Sappho Award 2018