"Hvis frihed overhovedet betyder noget, så betyder det retten til at fortælle folk det, de ikke vil høre"

George Orwell

Dennis Prager is awarded the Sappho-award of the year

16. september 2022 - International

The award ceremony will take place at 2 pm. November 5th 2022 in the Landstingssalen at the Danish Parliament Christiansborg and it will be officially hosted by Henrik Dahl m.p. (LA)


(…) ”The Left is destroying Western civilisation and it intends to destroy Western civilisation… it is not coincidental…it is not a byproduct… it is the end game of leftism”.


This quote is taken from a speech held by Dennis Prager in 2016 at the Reclaiming Conservatism Conference. It conveys the rationale behind his founding, in 2009, in cooperation with scriptwriter and producer Allen Estrin of the PragerU [Prager University].


PragerU is not a university but an internet feature which has become a gigantic success and attracted millions of viewers worldwide. Through ultra-short videos it presents complicated topics in a clear and attractive way with a – not the least – conservative approach.


This initiative of PragerU was taken so as to counter a certain left oriented conformity which has imposed itself on the American school system  and which became apparent to American parents during the corona close-down which offered an opportunity for them to get a look at the homework material of their children.


A success on such a scale would of course meet criticism and obstruction. Among others Youtube has censured several of the PragerU videos making them inaccessible to schools and public libraries. This censorship prompted PragerU to take this medium to court


Online booking: https://www.place2book.com/da/sw2/sales/gr955zjtwx




The ceremony is open to all at no costs. Sparkling wine and Danish ‘kransekage’ will be served at this festive celebration and an early sign-up recommended here. (LINK to Place2book).


Further information and a full program to follow later.