"Hvis frihed overhovedet betyder noget, så betyder det retten til at fortælle folk det, de ikke vil høre"

George Orwell

The Left and its Unholy Alliance with Hamas must be Exposed

29. maj 2024 - International - af Aia Fog

Autogenereret billede af AI.

A scared Left tries to assure these days, that they had no knowledge of their palace-Arabian cronies and their brutal leanings. But so they had. And this should be disclosed.

Since their savage butchery of 1400 Jews on Oktober 7 the Left has been busy disentangling themselves claiming they had no awareness of the very Islamic terrorism, which they de facto have supported economically as well as morally for decades through their full-blooded, uncritical backing of the ¨Palestinian cause’. But no ever-so-huge fig leaf could stretch over the Left’s unholy alliance with Hamas and their widespread network of ‘organizations’ meant to serve as pseudo-democratic protagonists of their real purpose: to extinguish not only Israel, but the Jews.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations with very active participation through the years by the Left are out of count. All of them centering on ‘liberation’ of Palestine shouting for hours the time-old battle cry of Hamas ‘From the river to the Sea – Palestine will be free’ with banners flying spelling out the same.

And the Left has shouted ‘From the river …’ for hours on end resounding through the length of Nørrebrogade – very well knowing its deeper meaning: a claim, that Palestinians should own have all the land between the river of Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea, which amounts to an annihilation of Israel. For decades the leftist supporters of terror have known that, which leaves their present assurance, that they did not know of the intentions of the ‘liberation organizations’ a blatant lie: they have, themselves, bellowed out aloud that the area between the river of Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea should be cleared of Jews.

How this cleansing out of Jews should come about was now established once and for all and profusely documented through the bodycams of Hamas on Oktober 7, and it can be summarized with one word: ‘Endlösung’. Given, that it is probably not possible to detect a single native Danish sympathizer of Palestine who will applaud the bestiality of Hamas (but quite a lot of Muslims in this country), this will not clear them of responsibility as they have supported them for decades, which they cannot steal away from.

I am, myself, a personal witness to this, as I was assigned by the Danish People's Party for years to be a member of the board of DIPD, ‘Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy’. It is a government establishment under the Ministry of Immigration and Development designated to further democratic developments in third world countries through economical support to projects and parties. I was an outsider in that board and I still remember the rolling eyes and sighs of despair when I ventured to let my voice be heard. Which usually took place when protesting against a project in question.

Which I did in 2012 against a proposal by the Red-Green Alliance (‘Enhedslisten’) suggesting a donation of 3 mill. Dkr (appr. 400.000 €) to DFPL, the ‘Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine’ (a self-contradictory designation) an ally of said party. My protest was motivated by DFLP being not democratic at all but, on the contrary, violent. This information I had acquired by a quick glance on google, but it was neither taken in earnest nor even tested nor verified. The proposal by the Red-Green Alliance was passed with rolling eyes and sighs of despair – the votes being 7 to 1 – and now has been dug out from some minutes of meetings by the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten.

This personal story is only one example of the absence of willingness on part of the Left to admit one’s own support for terror as well as apologetic stance behind Hamas over against Jews, - as there are many such examples. Does anyone remember, for instance, as Anna Mee Allerslev, who was at the time heading the mayoral office for Employment and Integration in Copenhagen, tried to forbid in 2012 The Danish Zionist Federation any showing of the Israeli flag at the so-called ‘Festival of Diversity – Taste the World’ on Nørrebro? So she did, claiming that it ‘… might occasion confrontations between the Jewish organization and Muslim and leftist radical groups’.

Or what about Torben Lund, former minister in a social democratic government, who on Facebook posted a picture showing a young, Palestinian woman, who had been fired at and wounded by an Israeli policeman, whom she a moment earlier had attacked with a knife? The commentary of Torben Lund was: ‘They are pigs. The Jewish state should be eliminated from the World map’.

But we need not search so many years back. Oktober 7 – the day of the terror attack by Hamas – Sascha Faxe, political spokes-woman for ‘Alternativet’, a Danish political party, refused, in an interview with the Danish newspaper ‘B.T’, to qualify the butchering of Hamas as terror. Which statement by Leila Stockmarr of the abovementioned Red-Green party found ‘hopeless and aggravating’ as ‘the conduct of Hamas is terror’. Stockmarr opined incidentally, that the legitimate Palestinian fight for freedom was being lumped up with the doings of Hamas. The liberation fight of Palestinians is legitimate according to Stockmarr ‘as Israel is a force of occupation, which for 16 years has held Gaza in a blockade.’ Which same Stockmarr on Facebook praised Pernille Østrem, pastor at the Stefans church in Nørrebro, with a ‘RESPECT’ for setting up a banner texting ‘All lives count – from the river to the sea’.

And so on . . . I could go on . . . as there is so much to come after and pick up. And it is last call, that someone does so, as the Left, if anybody, carries the burden of responsibility for the situation, in which we now find ourselves, where Muslim hatred of Jews has been taken into our country to such an extent, that it can in all fairness be compared the present conditions for Jews in our country to those they were subject to in 1943.

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