"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear"

George Orwell

The prosecution - a political steamroller against freedom of expression?

The indictment against Kim Møller adds to the series of lawsuits for violating section § 264 d of the Penal Code, which are now being carried out against a number of Islam-critical participants in the public debate, with blogger Steen Raaschou and debater Jaleh Tavakoli as the most spectacular cases to date.

Hollywood exercises self-censorship so as not to offend China

Films such as Seven Years in Tibet from 1997 are critical of China and would not be able to be produced today, as China has gained decisive influence in the film market and has great influence upon which stories are being told. Hollywood filmmakers adapt to the conditions and exercise self-censorship.

The power of the tech giants over us and our freedom of speech is far greater than that of the state

The power of the tech giants over us and our lives today far exceeds the power of the state: they decide de facto what we must hear, what we must say, what is truth and what is a lie, what is to be promoted and who, and what, may be criticized.

Denmark yet again bows its neck to Communist China

One would think that the Danish government would loudly protest against Communist China's attack on Hong Kong citizens' democratic rights, and go to the breech for the region's brave and peaceful pro-democracy movement - but nothing could be further from the “mind” of the Danish government: one does not want to go up against the Chinese regime.  So little so, that they haven’t even wanted to meet Ted Hui out of fear of provoking China.

It is important that we protest loudly every time we are censored by the tech giants

Soon, it will be social media and social media alone that, despite the Constitution, defines what is desired and what is undesired attitudes/content and utterances based on their unpredictable and often secret criteria. There are no legislators or practitioners who have yet seriously challenged their power. Therefore, we must keep protesting loudly when the tech giants violate our constitutional right to speak out without being censored.

How militarized and guarded can a civil society be and still be called a democracy?

It has never been part of a free and open democracy that its citizens cannot move freely and that certain sections of the population must be protected from the violent attacks of other groups, and that central institutions must be guarded. It has never been a viable recipe for a well-functioning democracy

Gunnar Sandelin: “Integration Policies Have Severely Failed in Sweden”

Gunnar Sandelin is a Swedish journalist and author who has been persecuted for his dissident views on mass immigration. Last fall he was given the Sappho Award by the Danish Free Press Society (Trykkefrihedsselskabet) in Copenhagen. The following video features Mr. Sandelin’s remarks, plus the slide show he gave after he was presented with the award.

Middle East Forum Webinar

Den konservative amerikanske tænketank Middle East Forum inviterede den 12. juni 2020 Aia Fog til at afholde et webinar om baggrunden for Trykkefrihedsselskabets arbejde med at forsvare for det frie ord og baggrunden for selskabets arbejde.