"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear"

George Orwell

French Researcher receives Threats to her Life due to her Exposure of the Huge Influence of The Muslim Brotherhood

Florence Bergeaud-Blackler, in her book  “Le Frèrisme et ses réseaux, l’enquête” (The Brotherhood and its networks, a survey) describes the very structured Islamization of France and the West by the Muslim Brotherhood. Since its publication January 2023 she has been threatened on her life and is now under police protection. She deplores, that there is now no more than a handful of researchers who still dare to deal with the Islamization of the West.

Appalling Development in Ireland regarding Freedom of Speech

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“A terrible beauty is born,” – thus wrote W. B. Yeats about the new Ireland after the Easter Rising in 1916. Now, today Ireland is “changed, changed utterly” alright, but more terrible than a beauty.

“A ban on bombs would be better that a ban on books” – such wrote The Irish Times June 6, 1957. In the Irish Free State of 1922, a catholic regime of censorship was in at large, banning books by authors such as Frank O’Connor, Brendan Behan, Benedict Kiely as well as forcing freethinkers like James Joyce and e.g. Danish author Signe Toksvig with her Irish husband Francis Hackett into exile in 1937.

The Unbearable Lightness of Freedom of Speech

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It is truly a case of shortcomings relating to freedom of speech, when mainstream media proceed to relativize the atrociousness of Hamas and the right of Israel to defend itself in a war against Hamas.

The Left and its Unholy Alliance with Hamas must be Exposed

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A scared Left tries to assure these days, that they had no knowledge of their palace-Arabian cronies and their brutal leanings. But so they had. And this should be disclosed.

Since their savage butchery of 1400 Jews on Oktober 7 the Left has been busy disentangling themselves claiming they had no awareness of the very Islamic terrorism, which they de facto have supported economically as well as morally for decades through their full-blooded, uncritical backing of the ¨Palestinian cause’. But no ever-so-huge fig leaf could stretch over the Left’s unholy alliance with Hamas and their widespread network of ‘organizations’ meant to serve as pseudo-democratic protagonists of their real purpose: to extinguish not only Israel, but the Jews.

Dennis Prager is awarded the Sappho-award of the year

The award ceremony will take place at 2 pm. November 5th 2022 in the Landstingssalen at the Danish Parliament Christiansborg and it will be officially hosted by Henrik Dahl m.p. (LA)


We should all be allowed to listen to the bigoted

The holocaust, “September 11 and the Jews”, “vaccine-chips and Kill Gates”, pedophile pizzerias and American bioweapons in Ukraine – bring it on! - There is nothing that can be done except giving everyone the opportunity to be heard.

Dr. Nicolaus Fest, MEP for AfD, on freedom of speech in Germany. (Copenhagen, March 19th 2024.)

On March 19th 2024, Dr. Nicolaus Fest - former Deputy Editor of German newspaper BILD am Sonntag and now member of The European Parliament for Alternative für Deutschland - visited The Free Press Society in Copenhagen and gave his views on the state of freedom of speech in Germany.

Raymond Ibrahim on Islam's war against the West and Muslim persecution of Christians

On November 13th 2023, The Free Press Society had invited American historian, author and columnist Raymond Ibrahim - who has an Egyptian/Coptic Christian family background - to tell about his ongoing studies of the persecution of Christians, especially in Muslim countries. This is the first part of the event with Raymond Ibrahim presenting his findings.