"Hvis frihed overhovedet betyder noget, så betyder det retten til at fortælle folk det, de ikke vil høre"

George Orwell

YouTube censorship - But why?

21. april 2020 - International - af Michael Pihl

Again YouTube's censorship hammer drops heavily on Tommy Robinson.  

Why, you might ask? There is every reason to ask that question when you look at the censored talk that Tommy Robinson held a few months ago in St. Petersburg. It is a highly factual, source-based and revealing documentation of the failure of the English authorities to protect socially vulnerable English girls, who for four decades were systematically exploited as sex slaves by Muslim gangs in England. Mr. Robinson's talk raises many questions, but the crucial thing in this context is: Why is this information censored? Why aren't we hearing about it?

Fortunately, his talk can still be seen on the free and alternative media 3Speak:


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