"Hvis frihed overhovedet betyder noget, så betyder det retten til at fortælle folk det, de ikke vil høre"

George Orwell

Panodrama: Fake news, media power abuse and democratic breakdown

2. marts 2019 - International - af Michael Pihl

So, here we have one of Western Europe's most prestigious mainstream media - effectively revealed as a fraudulent producer of fake news. The sharp contrast between the scale of the Panorama scandal and the unanimous silence of the mainstream media, however, cries out to heaven.

George Orwell said, famously, “At a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”.  In the documentary film "Panodrama", made by Tommy Robinson, the BBC was, on Saturday the 23rd of February, 2019, exposed in the perhaps largest media scandal to happen in England in years.  Nevertheless, we hear the deafening silence of the mainstream media on this exposé.  That also goes for Denmark. The British state's media manufacturing of fake news was otherwise well and thoroughly revealed for all to see.  With hidden camera, the BBC has were taken with their pants down during the deliberate production of lies and manipulated source statements while they, themselves, were working on a so-called documentary film that should have been about the English freedom-activist Tommy Robinson. The BBC documentary had the working title "Tommy Takedown", indicating how the BBC had set itself the goal of destroying Robinson's good name and reputation.  In other words, the BBC documentary had the express goal of character assassinating Robinson, rather than producing an objective and nuanced portrait of England's sorely tested citizen journalist, political street boy, and freedom of speech activist.  From the very start, the BBC played the role of political actor where the aim was to achieve a political goal through the use of deceptive and rather ruthless means.  That Robinson furthermore had to be destroyed as a family man, husband, and as a human being did not bother BBC one bit.  Without any scruples whatsoever, the BBC sought out former Robinson employee Lucy Brown in order to get her to play a part in the character assassination of Tommy Robinson. However, repelled by the BBC, Lucy Brown pretended to co-operate with them, but the secret movie footage she recorded, now seen in the BBC Panorama documentary about Robinson, fully, and unmistakably, reveals this mainstream media’s duplicity:

  • BBC journalist John Sweeney talks on hidden camera openly about editing an old audio file with a quarrel between Lucy Brown and Tommy Robinson and manipulating it so that it would appear as if Robinson had sexually molested her: "We are doing a kind of gender, sexual thing against Tommy Robinson”- says John Sweeney in the documentary. He is thus unmasked in a sordid attempt to manipulate sound clips in order to construct a false narrative.


  • Sweeney, in the documentary, also coaches Lucy Brown on what he wants her to say about Tommy Robinson in the BBC documentary. In other words, it was to be a staged documentary.


  • It is also clear from the Panodrama documentary that another mainstream media in England had offered to pay Lucy Brown £ 5,000 to give egregious statements about sexual impropriety about Robinson.


  • The far left-wing organization "Hope not Hate" participated actively from the start at unofficial editorial meetings regarding the BBC Panorama production about Tommy Robinson. The organization, amongst other things, tried to push citizen journalist Caolan Robertson to give false evidence about Robinson, indicating to Mr. Robertson that if he failed to do so, British anti-terrorism authorities would otherwise come after him for allegedly making reports inspiring right-wing terrorists. (The whole thing can be compared to if DR and TV2 used left-wing organizations such as Antifa or Redox as the basis for a documentary on, for example, The Free Press Society.)


  • In the documentary we can see that Sweeney blithely uses £250 of licensees' money on liquor while disparaging white men of the working class, homosexuals, Greeks, and other groups. Sweeney simply presents himself as a prejudiced, left-wing, middle class snob, and thus probably represents the mainstream media quite aptly.

In the beginning of the documentary we see Tommy Robinson and Lucy Brown in front of her own personal computer using a special program to plant a fake text message on her mobile phone, which is supposed to be a threat to her from him.  This was done to find out if BBC Panorama would use it uncritically or if they would check the fake source first. The fictitious text was, “If u have anything to do wiv the Panorama doc I will fucking bury you you bitch”.  The BBC, predictably, didn’t bother to check the veracity of the source, and towards the end of the film Sweeney pulls forth his trump card - the false text (in paper copy) and waves it about.  This is the highlight of the production, and represents the coup-de-grace in Robinson's revelations against this corrupt journalist. With this Tommy ends the session.

So, here we have one of Western Europe's most prestigious mainstream media - effectively revealed as a fraudulent producer of fake news. The sharp contrast between the scale of the Panorama scandal and the unanimous silence of the mainstream media, however, cries out to heaven.

Tommy Robinson's citizen reports are now being followed on social and alternative media by millions of viewers. His popularity, especially among England's working class, outshines the country's leaders in the media, politics and justice. No one else but Tommy speaks as effectively for the underdog against the politically correct elite. Perhaps it also explains the mainstream media's lie campaigns against the man, whom the power elite obviously perceives as an outlaw and political adversary?

The Panodrama scandal uncovers the media bubble's rotten inner workings: fake news, dirty methods, and a politically correct middle classes’ contempt both for ordinary working class people who, deprived of any real power, are forced to live with the brutal consequences of Europe's failed multicultural societal experiment - and those who dare to speak openly about the problems.

The Panodrama affair also reflects a collapse of public democracy.

In a time of universal deceipt, the defense of freedom of expression in social and alternative media is becoming more and more important. This also, because the Panorama scandal seems to usher in an era where authoritarian methods and the threat towards freedom of speech - and to the democratic public - are no longer based solely on Muslim fundamentalists.  The threat is at the same time coming from the EU, from governmental authorities, and from the mainstream media.

Tommy Robinson has now, in an explosive fashion, revealed the fake news and dirty tactics coming straight from the heart of the headquarters of the British media - and this is in truth, and in the service of the truth, a revolutionary act.