"Hvis frihed overhovedet betyder noget, så betyder det retten til at fortælle folk det, de ikke vil høre"

George Orwell

Canada´s prime minister puts political correctness before freedom of speech

7. november 2019 - International - af Aia Fog

The plan is to regulate content on the internet by giving social media sites a tight deadline of only 24 hours to “remove illegal content including hate speech” – or end up paying “significant financial penalties.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a clown, but one of the more dangerous kind . His party, the Liberal Party, has declared that they will propose new legislation for social media to stop the spread of hate speech and disinformation online: ““We believe that when social media platforms are used to spread these harmful views, the platforms themselves must also be held accountable,” the party said. The plan is to regulate content on the internet by giving social media sites a tight deadline of only 24 hours to “remove illegal content including hate speech” – or end up paying “significant financial penalties.”

The proposal by Trudeau and his party comes despite the fact that, several years ago, the Canadian Parliament repealed Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which banned posting on the Internet material that spreads hatred or insult. Parliament did this because that particular law gave a special human rights council the power - outside of the courts - to decide what was hateful speech and to impose substantial fines.  This became, after all, too strange. Especially because the Canadian Criminal Code already provides extensive protection against hate speech.

Trudeau now feels that there is still basis for further restricting freedom of speech and stopping hate speech on the Internet - and on top of that, the social media themselves should act as both police officer and court in relation to the content Trudeau will now prohibit. This may prove to be comprehensive, as Trudeau's political correctness and willingness to shut up anybody who utters even the slightest expression that may insult anyone, has been formidable, bordering on the absurd: many may remember when he rebuked a young woman who used the word "mankind", the semantically correct term for "humanity" and instead suggested she use the nonsense word "peoplekind," which he himself just invented because he found it more inclusive.

And should anyone have forgotten, it was also Trudeau who passed C-16 in 2017, a law that makes it a human right to choose one's own sex (sic!) And makes the non-acceptance of free gender choice a hate crime. The law also made it possible to invent and legalize new gender pronouns, which has resulted in Canada having more than 70 approved gender pronouns today.

Trudeau's eagerness to appear politically correct and inclusive earned him a large scratch in his politically correct laquer when it emerged that he, in his youth, had dressed up as a Negro and sung The Banana Boat Song in connection with a party at the upper-class high school he attended. Nevertheless, he is now emerging with yet another attack on Canadians' freedom of speech, which even has the tech giants acting as police officers.

It is a sad development for freedom of speech in Canada, which would clearly kowtow to the social-constructivist currents of the time and submit to those eager victim-groups rather than protect rationality and the rule of law. In fact, hatred and hate speech are clearly within the bounds of freedom of speech: hatred is a perfectly legal feeling that one may express as long as it does not degenerate into threats of violence or incitement to violence.

However, it is difficult to understand much of the left - and Trudeau is the most difficult of all, because he must be said to have been the crowning figure of all politicians who have driven the emotion-driven political correctness to the excesses of absurdity. That makes him the biggest clown at the head of a western democracy, but a dangerous clown, because his foolishness has done a great deal of damage to democracy.