"Hvis frihed overhovedet betyder noget, så betyder det retten til at fortælle folk det, de ikke vil høre"

George Orwell

The second round in Malmoe

8. februar 2009 - Den løbende - af Lars Hedegaard

In what passes for peace in Sweden supporters of free speech and Israel's right to exist demonstrated in Malmoe.

(MALMOE, SWEDEN) It was clear from the beginning that this time the police in Malmoe, Sweden, were under orders not to repeat the sort of behavior they had evidenced when supporters of free speech and Israel's right to exist tried to demonstrate in the city's main square on January 25. On that black Sunday, the police did absolutely nothing when a mob of Arab degenerates placed themselves a few meters from the 300-400 peaceful demonstrators and were allowed to cut the cable to the loudspeaker and pelt the assembly with rocks, bottles and homemade bombs.

The police were not entirely passive though. When it became clear that the aggrieved Allahu akbar-crowd was not about to be assuaged despite the presence of "dialogue police" – yes, they do have such a uniformed outfit in Sweden – the ordinary police decided to remove the lawful demonstrators and leave the battleground to hecklers.

It has later come to light that the police had been under orders not to act against the illegal counter-demonstrators regardless of how threatening they behaved.

Disorder in the ranks

A police insider told the Skaanskan newspaper that this order had caused deep resentment in the ranks and lead to a lack of trust in the commanders. Many from the rank and file didn't like the fact they had been prevented from protecting peaceful demonstrators who were simple exercising their right to assemble.

"We in the police want to be proud of our work. Nobody is proud today," said Skaanskan's source.

But on this Sunday, February 8, the police leadership had evidently reversed its course. The Arab crowd of 70-80 screaming Muslims with an admixture of perhaps 10 Swedish "anti-racists" was not allowed to approach the free speech demonstrators and was outnumbered several times by uniformed police. Reinforcements, including a detachment of mounted police, were lined up in the side streets to Stortorget, the central square, and plainclothes men were swarming all over.

A test of free speech

A counter-demonstrator arguing with the police

A counter-demonstrator arguing with the police

The leader of the legal manifestation, Barbro Posner from Malmoe's Jewish Community, made it clear why the new demonstration had been called. "We were not allowed to complete our last demonstration, so we are here to test if one can still demonstrate in Malmoe for free speech and for Israel's right to exist."

Another speaker said that many had wanted to come but were scared of what might happen. "Can we not hold a free speech rally in Malmoe without being frightened?" he asked.

Apparently not. Despite their heavy presence the police allowed the noble savages to place themselves approximately 75 meters from the rally, to use a megaphone in order to disturb the speakers, to fire two rockets at the crowd and throw two home-made bombs just behind the police line.
See video here

One of them landed 10 meters from where Sappho.dk's reporter was standing and went off with a deafening noise. "Watch out for tinnitus," said a bystander. "It will usually turn up 24 hours after the bang."

Though the police could easily have jumped the troublemakers and packed them into their vehicles, their only reaction to the attempted violence was move the Arabs a few meters back and let them continue their heckling. However, a few arrests were made both during and after the demonstration.

Peace Swedish style

Several were arrested after the rally

Under the heading "Several arrests during Israel demonstration" the Sydsvenskan, the leading newspaper in Southern Sweden, once again tries to twist the truth.

Those arrested had nothing to do with the pro-Israel demonstration, which was in fact completely peaceful and conducted with calm and dignity.

The Sydsvenskan also claims that the "feared violence failed to materialize". Which is sort of true in the sense that the Arabs did not succeed in inflicting violence on the demonstrators, but it was not for lack of trying.


After the demonstration Sappho.dk asked a long-time observer of Swedish affairs why the police had not simply disbanded the counter-demonstrators and carted them off to jail.

"Look," he said. "Malmoe is a town of 270,000. In the Malmoe community of Rosengaarden alone there are 23,000 registered immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries plus an unknown number of illegal residents. The Swedish authorities are letting 100,000 new immigrants in every year, and by 2049 Sweden will have a Muslim majority if the present trend continues. How can you expect the police to stand up to the Muslims when they know that in a few years, they won't have a chance in hell to hold the fort?"

A good question, but not one that the Swedish press and political elite will permit the citizens to discuss openly.

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